Tritiation at IsoSciences

The radiolabeling lab at IsoSciences has extensive capability in the synthesis and purification of a broad variety of tritiated molecules. All of our clients receive the benefit that stems from a team of organic chemists directed by management with over 50 years experience synthesizing radiolabeled materials. Our breadth of experience covers fast turnaround tritiation experiments to produce drug APIs, small molecules, proteins, polymers and other molecules of biological interest including hormones, steroids, nucleosides and oligonucleotides.

No matter how complex the tritiation project, IsoSciences’ team has the necessary experience to complete the task. Whether it is a simple single-step tritiation to multi-step complex synthesis our diverse team has the ability to complete the project. Our expert chemists can design a tritium labeling route based on your needs. With over a decade of experience handling sensitive isotope labeled/unlabeled materials in small quantities, our clients are assured that any raw materials supplied will be appropriately handled, and products delivered will be of the highest quality.

IsoSciences’ production and quality control is internally organized and rigorously overseen using ISO9001:2008 guidelines. Our external certification from BSI means clients can rest assured that full documentation and traceability exists as and when auditing and related processes need full documentation.

If intellectual property is a concern, please note that IsoSciences currently has over 100 NDA/CDAs in place with major organizations and are willing to enter into additional agreements as clients believe necessary.

Please contact our radiolabeling department by email or phone (610-337-3762) to discuss how IsoSciences can rapidly fulfill your radiolabeling needs.