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MPD is REACH Compliant

 To Our Valued Customers

Due to recent inquiries about REACH, we at Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs are proud to announce that we are actively following developments in this initiative. Furthermore, we have employed Reach Only Representation within the European Union to make sure that we stay compliant with current and upcoming changes to REACH regulations. […]

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Vinylcarbazole – CAS [1484-13-5]

Vinylcarbazole general technical, synthesis and properties information


Vinylcarbazole has been used in research labs since the early 1920’s. When produced from non-coal tar sources it is found to be most pure and typically is a more white/off-white crystalline solid. The final monomer has good solubility in polar organic, aromatic, and chlorinated solvents, with only minimal […]

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Methyl Vinyl Ketone – CAS [78-94-4]

General information about the properties, synthesis and safety concerns of methyl vinyl ketone (MVK) – Product 7611.

Methyl vinyl ketone is a widely used organic compound classified as an enone (i.e., an alkene and a ketone). This enone characteristic allows it to undergo a wide variety of chemical reactions, a lot centered around the fact […]

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