To Our Valued Customers

Due to recent inquiries about REACH, we at Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs are proud to announce that we are actively following developments in this initiative. Furthermore, we have employed Reach Only Representation within the European Union to make sure that we stay compliant with current and upcoming changes to REACH regulations. This information can be forwarded to current customers upon request.

We have pre-registered a large number of our products that are imported into the EU and may require registration within the specified time frames or have otherwise been identified to require pre-registration. Fifteen chemicals have been identified by the European Union as ‘substances of very high concern (SVHC)’ (see, but these are not part of our pre-registration process.

Most of our polymers and copolymers are exempt from REACH. We will be monitoring the upcoming lists for additives and substances that may be included at some future date. As REACH expands the covered-substance list, we will continue to monitor the chemical make-up of our compounds and formulations.

We appreciate your interest in our materials and look forward to furthering the REACH initiative and preserving our environment