Vitamin D Standards – New Chemistry

Stable isotope labeled Vitamin D standards were pioneered by IsoSciences. Current derivatives that are available include the active Vitamin D3 metabolite 25-Hydroxyvitamin D3-[2H3] (cholicalciferol-d3; CAS 140710-94-7), with deuterium at the preferred 6,19,19 positions. The strategic location of deuterium atoms allows deuterium to be retained in the daughter ions of the compound, allowing a improved diagnostic analysis.

The patent pending methodology employed by IsoSciences is used to prepare all the Vitamin D compounds, yielding high incorporation of deuterium. Additionally, the preparations minimize or eliminate the presence of any unlabeled compound that would otherwise interfere with your mass spectroscopic assay.

25-Hydroxyvitamin D3-[2H3] is available in two forms- as a solid (catalog #:4163) or as an exact concentration CertiMass™ solution: (catalog #:S4163).

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