The new fast turn-around tritium labeling facility in NJ has released the initial product offering that are available through the IsoSciences catalog. Given the extensive capabilities at the radioisotope facility, which are frequently used for exchange labeling proprietary and unique compounds, the chemists have utilized the tools to generate an initial group of frequently used tritiated materials.

T6000 Ribavirin [3H] 15-25 Ci/mmol
T6000 N-hydroxy succinimide ester propionic acid [2,3-3H2] – ([2,3-3H]N-Succinimidyl propionate) 80-120 Ci/mmol
T6000 Acetominophen [ring-2,6-3H2] 10-30 Ci/mmol
T6000 Testosterone [1,2,6,7-3H4] 70-100 Ci/mmol
T6000 Salicylic acid [6 -3H] 5-20 Ci/mmol
T6000 Phenylalanine [ring-4-3H] 10-25 Ci/mmol
T6000 Fmoc-Phenyl-alanine [ring-4-3H] 10-25 Ci/mmol
T6000 Uridine [5-3H] 10-20 Ci/mmol

These are readily available and can be shipped in 24-48 hours of a finalized order, either through fax/email or via the website. Our constantly expanding catalog of radiolabeled materials can be found here, and our staff are willing to add materials that our partners need on an ongoing basis in order to help their analysis and research needs. Please contact our staff at (215)-123-4567 or by email at