When it comes to custom tritium labeling, the IsoSciences team recognizes the importance of quick turnaround to aid our customers’ project timelines. Keeping costs down is equally important in order to allow all our clients the ability to pursue the maximum number of critical R&D projects. However, above all IsoSciences’ team recognizes the extreme importance of generating and supplying high quality material with quality control and analytical data that fully supports not only structural determination but also the tritium incorporation placement and concentration. As many major pharmaceutical organizations are looking to outsource their custom tritium labeling needs, these organizations still face one recurring problem – how to accept materials without causing a burden on resourced limited quality control groups.

Historically the custom tritium labeling marketplace has struggled to supply materials that underwent quality and structural analysis that would ultimately allow end customers to regularly accept tritiated materials based on the certificates of analysis supplied by the synthetic group that generated the tritium labeled material. IsoSciences works with clients to generate a comprehensive packet of analytical information tailored to the a specific partner that, after initial qualification and validation, allows them to accept tritium labeled material as if it were an internally produced material. IsoSciences has developed quality packets where clients have required orthogonal chromatographic techniques, a full NMR spectral analysis, sometimes just a simple specific activity measurement – of course, on many occasions the end analytical data requires many aspects of analysis to be deemed suitable for acceptance based on IsoSciences certificate of analysis.

Please contact us If you are looking for a source of custom tritium labeling with molecules that can be delivered with tailored packet of quality data – ultimately allowing efficient outsourcing of tritium labeling projects . To discuss your needs please contact our staff at (215) 364-1234 or info@isosciences.com.