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MPD Chemicals offers lab, pilot and full scale custom chemical synthesis and manufacturing/production capabilities offering quality, consistency, and reliability of supply. All of our capabilities across our business units can be utilized to meet our customer needs. MPD believes in sustaining long-term relationships with our customers and we know with our customer collaboration, we can build solutions to address specific challenges and requirements.

Most of our customers are seeking critical and enabling materials, which are imperative for the functioning of their particular product in their respective industry. We fill the gap bridging traditional chemical contract research type activities to scales normally associated with chemical toll manufacturers.

Our service can be as simple as a customer sending a required compound (chemical name and/or CAS number), and we return a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 – 48 hours). However, our most successful processes revolve around discussions with customers to elucidate the most successful path for the application or synthetic product needed.

Contact our technical team today to start discussions and we will provide you an assessment to address your chemical process needs.

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