Lab, Pilot and Full Scale Production:

In a typical customer relationship, MPD Chemicals would work collaboratively to determine the scale at which a project should begin, and mutually agree on a timeframe for progressing from laboratory to pilot to full-scale custom chemical manufacturing under some economic guidelines that are acceptable to both parties. In many cases, our collaboration would include discussions about synthetic process changes which might be required to make the product more economically or technically feasible for scaling up to the desired ultimate volumes. Often, such changes must be tested at smaller scale to assess the effects of the changes on final product specifications prior to scaling up. Most of our customers are seeking critical and enabling materials which are imperative for the functioning of their particular product in their respective industry.

MPD Chemicals offers lab, pilot and full scale custom chemical synthesis and manufacturing/production capabilities offering quality, consistency, and reliability of supply. All of our capabilities across our business units can be utilized to meet our customer needs. MPD believes in sustaining long-term relationships with our customers and we know with our customer collaboration, we can build solutions to address your specific challenges and requirements. Our lab-scale capabilities include chemical synthesis and purification in production laboratory settings (over 30 standard bench-top fume hoods, 20 walk-in hoods, glass reactors up to 20 liters in scale), which can then be scaled to pilot batches at 10-100 gallon reaction sizes prior to products transitioning to full-scale manufacturing in reactors up to 1000 gallons in size.

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Our customers often are seeking a partner who is able to assist them in early phases of custom chemical product development, when the initial material desired is only grams to kilograms in volume. At this stage of a project, product costs are dominated by laboratory labor costs and typically not as much by raw materials. Many customers desire to know how the economics of these customized products will change as the scale in increased, and we provide such guidance from the early stages of laboratory or pilot work. In our unique model, a customer is able to engage with a partner who is able to engage with a partner

who is able to develop custom chemical early stage processes and procedures, often in technical collaboration with a customer; further, the customer can trust that as MPD Chemicals continue to scale this material, they will enjoy the same relationship with us as their scale-up partner as they did with us in development.

We fill the gap bridging traditional chemical contract research type activities to scales normally associated with chemical toll manufacturers.

MPD Chemical Featured Equipment Capabilities:

• State-of-the-art kilo lab with fourteen large walks in hoods.

• 100- 500 gal glass lined reactor systems with 30 plate high vacuum stills (<10 mm Hg).

• 200 gal glass lined reactor systems with 30 plate high vacuum still (<10 mm Hg).

• 500 gal glass lined & Hastelloy reactor systems with 18 plate normal vacuum still (>20 mm Hg).

• 30, 50 and 300 gal glass lined reactors.

• A flare and counter-current scrubbers to handle odorous materials.

• Various solids handling equipment including a 150 gal Guedu (Rosenmund type) filter/dryer.

• Distillation capabilities with theoretical plate distillation columns

• Wiped film evaporators, two inch and four inch.

Operational Advantages:

• Reactors can operate between -20 oC and +230 oC. Vacuum distillations are performed down to 1mm Hg.

• Analytical instrumentation includes:

On-Site: AA, GC, GPC, HPLC, FTIR, DSC, auto-titrator, automatic Karl Fischer, Ion Chromatography,

pH, Flame Photometer for Na & K, Brookfield LVD viscometer, and APHA color

• Available through off-site partnerships: LCMS, Prep LC, GCMS, NMR and ICP

Key Strengths:

• Quote and manufacture from sub-gram to metric ton quantities

• Speed to produce materials

• Range of chemical handling capabilities

• Historical database of procedures via catalogue offerings

• Access to proprietary development partners when other unit operations are needed

• Where proprietary materials are required by a customer, sensitivity and understanding of the need for confidentiality and exclusivity

• Specialty monomer production

• Purification of critical acrylic monomers, including custom stabilization

• Custom monomer and polymer production

• Fluorinated molecules

• Oligomer and pre-polymer development

• Development of composition for application needs

• Free radical custom copolymers

• Step growth customized polymers/oligomers

• Silanes

• Silicones