MPD Chemicals

MPD Chemicals is a US-based manufacturer of specialty chemicals with over 75 years of global expertise in multiple technical areas, including complex organic synthesis, unique monomers, polymer development, organosilicon chemistries and stable isotope labeling.

 The subsidiary companies that comprise MPD Chemicals are Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs, Silar, IsoSciences, along with the new addition of Norquay Technology.  The combined companies offer over 4,000 catalog products, as well as numerous custom, proprietary, critical, and enabling materials to customers in a wide range of end-use markets.

The merger of these manufacturers into one single organization has broadened the commercialization services and enhanced cross-functional operations. MPD Chemicals has leveraged interdisciplinary expertise and manufacturing strength, with internal capabilities for scaling from milligram to metric ton batches. These chemical units are able to promote novel materials and solutions for customer applications.

Critical end-use applications examples include biomaterials, such as contact and intraocular lenses, dental materials, and wound care monomers and polymers. Other customer applications include industrial products such as chromatography, oil and gas, environmental remediation, and other specialty chemical additives.

MPD’s team of experts includes advanced-degreed scientists and scientists with diverse scientific training and experience. The depth of our scientific expertise, along with the broad spectrum of projects we manage for leaders in the industry, enables us to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

MPD Chemicals has three R&D and production facilities in PA and NY, coupled with lab scale capabilities and a large scale manufacturing in NC, allows for efficient development and scale-up of solutions for clients.

MPD Chemicals is very accustomed to maintaining our customers’ critical and proprietary intellectual property as confidential throughout the relationship, and routinely executes non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements during discussions regarding custom synthesis projects.

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Our Team

Management Team
  • Ph.D. Scientists
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Masters, Bachelors-Level Chemists, and Technicians
  • Teams dedicated to custom synthesis
  • Teams dedicated to biochemistry and biosynthetic reactions
  • Individual technical support
  • Dedicated customer service & sales representatives
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Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs is the manufacturer of choice for companies who need specialty monomers, polymers or copolymers.

IsoSciences fulfills the market need for stable label isotopes of advanced intermediates and final drug substances.

Silar Laboratories focuses on production of custom and specialty silane and silicone materials from laboratory to multi-ton scale for a wide a range of end-use applications.

Norquay Technology specializes in the production of advanced materials including highly air and moisture sensitive organometallic, inorganic and organic molecules.


Corporate Headquarters Address: 4667 Somerton Road, Trevose, PA 19053

Tel: 215-364-1155 / Fax: 215-364-1583