Custom Synthesis Capabilities

MPD Chemicals offers custom synthesis services for compounds that are unique and not typically commercially available with multi-step synthesis capabilities ranging from milligrams to large metric ton quantities. MPD is a company specializing in custom synthesis ranging from research and development scale to full metric ton scale as well maintaining its own 4,000 product catalog, developed from its own synthetic programs. Our catalog products are primarily custom synthesized, purified and/or packaged for our customers.

MPD employs a diverse advanced degree team of chemists with cross-functional expertise that drives continuous innovation. We offer our clients seamless custom synthesis, typically under non-disclosure agreements with our customers to insure the protection of their IP.

In addition to custom synthesis, MPD provides chemical process development, piloting, and custom chemical manufacturing services to end-users. Since 1978, we have served clients that include some of the largest multi-national chemical companies, in addition to startups and market leaders in a wide variety of industries, including medical devices, coatings, adhesives, dental resins and academic R&D.

Our services are particularly valuable to those who do not have access to chemical manufacturing capabilities within their own organization. Customers come to MPD to improve their chances for success in new product development and specialty chemical manufacturing. Our proven ability to provide critical enabling materials on time, at the appropriate scale and with specifications developed collaboratively with customers is a primary reason that customers enjoy the experience of working with us on a development project.

Our service can be as simple as a customer sending a required compound (chemical name, structure and/or CAS number), and we return a quote as soon as possible (usually within the 24 – 48 hours). However, our most successful collaborations with customers revolve around discussion with customers to elucidate the most successful path for the synthesis of the desired product. In certain cases, customers already have developed a lab-scale procedure that they would like scaled from lab quantities to larger scale over a defined timeframe. Under NDA, such basic synthesis routes are discussed with an eye toward the future scaling of the product. In a collaborative manner, MPD and the customer can jointly decide on a timeline for MPD to transition from lab scale synthesis to pilot and/or full-scale manufacturing.

Contact our technical team today to start discussions and let us show you how we can aid your custom/contract chemical synthesis needs.