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Vinylcarbazole – CAS [1484-13-5]

Vinylcarbazole general technical, synthesis and properties information


Vinylcarbazole has been used in research labs since the early 1920’s. When produced from non-coal tar sources it is found to be most pure and typically is a more white/off-white crystalline solid. The final monomer has good solubility in polar organic, aromatic, and chlorinated solvents, with only minimal […]

By |July 17th, 2008|Monomer Polymer, MPD|Comments Off on Vinylcarbazole – CAS [1484-13-5]

Methyl Vinyl Ketone – CAS [78-94-4]

General information about the properties, synthesis and safety concerns of methyl vinyl ketone (MVK) – Product 7611.

Methyl vinyl ketone is a widely used organic compound classified as an enone (i.e., an alkene and a ketone). This enone characteristic allows it to undergo a wide variety of chemical reactions, a lot centered around the fact […]

By |June 30th, 2008|Monomer Polymer, MPD|Comments Off on Methyl Vinyl Ketone – CAS [78-94-4]

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