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Isotope Labeling

There are many reasons to use custom-made isotope labeled organic molecules of all types. Isotopic labeling of compounds is a non-radioactive method of labeling, provides site-specific investigation of structures, makes molecules easily detectable by mass spectrometry and NMR, maintaining the physico-chemical properties of the target molecule, and is cost-effective and easy to use. Most […]

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Testosterone (CAS 58-22-0) is a hormone that regulates a number of processes in the human body. In males, testosterone is secreted by the testes while in women it is secreted by the adrenal glands and ovaries, with some being made up through the peripheral conversion of another hormone, androstenedione.

Most testosterone is not freely available […]

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Vitamin E


Vitamin E (CAS 59-02-9) is the common name given to a group of eight compounds that include four isomers of tocopherol and four isomers of tocotrienol. The compounds are fat soluble and are relevant in a number of biological processes including the reduction of oxidative stress during fatty acid oxidation, as well as functions […]

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Vitamin B12 Testing

Doctors and clinical researchers typically perform Vitamin B12 (CAS 68-19-9) tests if a subject exhibits symptoms of dementia, confusion, weakness, loss of appetite, tingling in the extremities, rapid heart rate or a reduction in red blood cells due to malabsorption in the intestines called pernicious anemia.

How Does Vitamin B12 Testing Work?

Vitamin B12 testing is […]

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Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 (CAS 68-19-9), also known as cobalamin, is a vitamin that helps keep many areas of the body working properly. Areas like the brain and nervous system, are dependent on this nutrient, that helps produce blood and regulate DNA. Deficiencies in Vitamin B12, can lead to improper functions that can increase to more […]

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Initial Tritiation Compounds

The new fast turn-around tritium labeling facility in NJ has released the initial product offering that are available through the IsoSciences catalog. Given the extensive capabilities at the radioisotope facility, which are frequently used for exchange labeling proprietary and unique compounds, the chemists have utilized the tools to generate an initial group of frequently […]

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Custom Tritium Labeling

When it comes to custom tritium labeling, the IsoSciences team recognizes the importance of quick turnaround to aid our customers’ project timelines. Keeping costs down is equally important in order to allow all our clients the ability to pursue the maximum number of critical R&D projects. However, above all IsoSciences’ team recognizes the extreme […]

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Custom Tritium Labels

The extensive experience in tritium labeling found at the IsoSciences radiolabeling facility allows us to undertake the many chemical conversions and protections necessary to complete a very broad variety of synthetic projects. We recognize that not all tritium labeling projects are simple catalytic tritium exchange chemistries and have developed equipment and resource capabilities that […]

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Tritiation Lab

Tritiation at IsoSciences

The radiolabeling lab at IsoSciences has extensive capability in the synthesis and purification of a broad variety of tritiated molecules. All of our clients receive the benefit that stems from a team of organic chemists directed by management with over 50 years experience synthesizing radiolabeled materials. Our breadth of experience covers fast […]

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MPD is REACH Compliant

 To Our Valued Customers

Due to recent inquiries about REACH, we at Monomer-Polymer and Dajac Labs are proud to announce that we are actively following developments in this initiative. Furthermore, we have employed Reach Only Representation within the European Union to make sure that we stay compliant with current and upcoming changes to REACH regulations. […]

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